About Me


My name is Madorian. I was born in the Netherlands and live here ever since. When I turned 21 I finally moved out of my parents house and decided to live together with the love of my life, Adolfo. We now live in a small apartment for about a year already! Time flies. We struggled for a while to make this work, with all the finances and stress… but we’re all good now!

In June we had our own kitten, named Momo! I’m really glad we did that, because it gets kind of lonely if one of us was working and the other was home alone. We both come from a pretty busy household, so you really have to get used to all the peace and quiet. But now we have Momo, we’re both so happy. It’s our little baby, haha!


As for work, I work at a small music school teaching kids and grown-ups how to play guitar, piano and how to play in a band (band-coaching). It’s not that I had to have a degree for something like this. When I just started guitar, my boss noticed me and asked me right away if I wanted to teach guitar lessons. It really shocked me and I thought he was making a joke, but he was dead serious. So I said yes of course! I was so happy! That was about 4 years ago I guess and I still love my job! I must be one of the few people who can say that about there job.

I’m still busy with school, though, I’m not really motivated. I’m studying to be a film maker but I’m really bad at it. It’s fun to do it, but I just hate the school. Bad teachers.. Sometimes no teachers to teach me stuff. It’s horrible. But on the bright side, I only have to finish this year then it will all be gone. Thankfully.


What more can I tell about myself…

I really lovelovelove to play piano and the guitar! I love cats (obviously!) but I also would like to have a cute dog! I really wish I have enough money to travel because I REALLY would like to go to Japan!! And of course other places too. I just want to see the world!

I love to play games too. You could say I’m addicted… hihi. I play games like Assassin’s Creed, League of Legends, shooters, mmorpg’s, and yes, also the Sims. Currently I’m addicted to Final Fantasy XIV. It’s such a pretty looking game!

I’m not a person who likes to party a lot. Especially with alcohol. Just don’t like it very much. Most of the drinks taste awful and people change after drinking it. Sounds stupid, but yeah, that what I don’t like about it.

Aikido is a sport I love, though I’m not practicing it anymore. I did for 11 years so it’s almost second nature to me. I really miss it. If I had the money I would go practice again!

My love Adolfo is a breakdance teacher so naturally I dance a bit too. I’m not good at it though, more like really bad, but it’s fun to do it and that’s what is important, right?  ^ ^

Well, enough about me. If you want to know more, don’t be afraid to ask me!  ; )

Bye ~


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