A short message.

Still feeling that weird cold emptiness in my chest. I get angry without a reason. It’s hard to do stuff on my own. I think I’m becoming depressed or something. And I hate feeling like this.

Well, at least I still have dreams.


I’m currently obsessed with Japan. Well not currently, for about 5 years now, or maybe more. I love the culture, the religion, the language, everything! I really wish I could go there but unfortunately, I don’t have any money.

Still, I can dream, watch anime or many, many YouTube video’s about the culture. I’m learning the language the best I can on my own, because learning from a teacher is to expensive and too far away from my home, and my work. I don’t want to give up my dream job just yet. I guess I’ll keep working hard until I have enough money to go to Japan!


If I’ll ever go to Japan, I would visit Kyoto very much! : )

That’s all I wanted to share for now. Figuring out how the dashboard works. I don’t really get WordPress just yet…

Also, if there is anything you know about going to Japan or studying the language, please share it with me : ) I would love to talk about it with other people, and maybe learn things from you! ; )

(Blogging really does cheer me up a bit ^^)

Bye ~


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